TalkTown Spoken English for Kids

TalkTown: a New Tool for Spoken English for Kids!

Imagine you are a child learning English for the first time. Now imagine being able to go abroad for a few minutes every day to practice speaking English and learn the cool expressions that kids today are saying. Imagine being understood, and from this improved understanding, wanting to speak more and more. At Chatterize, we built TalkTown as a tool for just that: to revolutionize the way kids learn spoken English.

TalkTown is a virtual American town on your phone, where children can supercharge their spoken English through daily conversation practice with chatbots in a pressure-free, engaging, and effective native-language learning environment. In TalkTown, children build confidence through back-and-forth dialogue with a variety of characters in different locations or contexts. This builds an ability to communicate with all kinds of people, while motivating students with gamified rewards. In just minutes each day, children can learn new English words and phrases through real-time conversations with a host of chatbots! All done from the comfort of their homes, anytime they want, directly from their (or their parents’) mobile devices.

Curious about TalkTown? Let’s take a tour!

1. So Much Talk Time

Forget passive learning. Bring on active learning! The speaking component of English language learning is by far the toughest aspect to improve if you are not living in an English-speaking country. Without daily, one-on-one exposure to the English language, fluency improves at a snail’s pace. With TalkTown, however, children can practice conversational English at their convenience, for an affordable cost. They can practice speaking as much as they want, improving their speaking skills in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.


Children have to speak in order to complete voice-activated challenges.

2. Real-Life Conversations

TalkTown offers a variety of real-life scenarios for children to practice conversation. Dialogue to help your child make friends? Check! Dialogue to order food at a fast food restaurant? Check! Dialogue to talk about animals on a farm? Check! The different scenarios in TalkTown were created to replicate real-world situations. Parents can be confident their children are learning something they will use immediately upon learning, and beyond.

Our conversations offer native-sounding pronunciation support and conversation structures. The conversations with the chatbots are two-way, meaning the child can ask AND answer questions. Our non-linear conversations can be played again and again, each time with a different outcome, mimicking reality, as conversations rarely follow a straight line.

In TalkTown, kids get to learn how people REALLY talk and have genuine real-world conversations. Let’s face it, nobody speaks English the way it is taught in textbooks. Children also learn contemporary words and phrases not often taught in formulaic textbooks. Words like mayo, stuffed animal, sandbox, and jelly beans are just a few examples of the interesting vocabulary that is sprinkled into conversations throughout TalkTown! Funny answers get kids laughing, helping with student engagement, while at the same time teaching them about humor in American culture.


Children can explore different parts of TalkTown and chat with all its citizens.

3. AI Analysis at Your Fingertips

TalkTown uses state-of-the-art AI voice recognition technology, which not only recognizes what children say, but also evaluates areas for improvement regarding pronunciation. Parents then receive their child’s learning report, evaluated against highly measurable learning outcomes. This assures TalkTown’s support as their children work toward their learning goals.

TalkTown’s learning report covers a student’s weekly study time, their pronunciation accuracy, and a list of words and sentences that need improvement. By looking at the weekly reports over a period of time, parents are able to see their child’s continual progress, a unique feature for a spoken English tool for kids.


Parents can check child’s weekly study time and overall pronunciation performance.


Parents also get a list of words and sentences that the child is struggling with.

4. Studying Made Fun

In TalkTown, students are responsible for the town’s overall health, happiness, and financial well-being through the completion of daily conversation tasks. If children don’t come back to TalkTown, the town starts to lose its sparkle, and so they return to TalkTown frequently to chat with the characters and earn rewards to keep the city vibrant. With TalkTown’s gamified system, children build an intrinsic motivation to continue learning English. Without an adult forcing them to do use the app, they build better study habits and naturally improve their English ability.


Every time a conversation in TalkTown is completed, the child helps the town become happier, healthier, or richer!

Interested in trying TalkTown?

TalkTown is currently available as a WeChat mini-program, requiring a WeChat account to gain access. To open TalkTown, open your WeChat app, then the Scan feature, and scan the TalkTown QR code below. Within seconds, you will enter TalkTown, where your child can begin their TalkTown adventures!

We hope your child becomes a more confident speaker with TalkTown, a new way of learning spoken English for kids! For more updates about us, check out our blog and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Use WeChat to scan the QR code


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